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Weaving for Kids

You can do simple weaving for kids with just a pair of scissors, some cardboard and a ball of wool.  The kids can make mini woven blankets for their dolls or wall hangings for their bedroom.  Or maybe a place-mat for Grandma as a Christmas present.  

This activity can be done by younger kids if you are prepared to do a lot of 'helping' but they don't often have the staying power to finish their weaving projects, so it might pay to save this one for the older kids.

What you need to do weaving for kids...

  • a piece of heavy cardboard
  • a pair of safety scissors 
  • one or more balls of wool
  • sticky tape


Gather together your materials.  We will be making your loom first.

Cut your cardboard into a rectangle shape for the base of your loom.  

Cut slots on two of the edges opposite each other.  Mine are 1/2 inch apart starting 1 inch in from each side.

If you want to you can also cut out a shuttle (like a large cardboard needle).

Weaving involve warp and weft, warp threads in the picture above are blue and the weft is red. 

To start weaving on your cardboard loom thread the warp thread from back to the front in the first slot.  Take the thread to the opposite slot and place it in the slot, wind the thread over to the next slot and bring it back to the front.   Keep threading your loom going up and down until you reach the other side. 

Stick down the two ends at the back of the loom with some sticky tape.

To create your woven fabric you thread the weft under and over the warp threads on the loom alternating on each row.

If you go under a warp thread in one row, you go over it in the next.

Starting on the side of the loom where you taped down the warp tail.  Keep going backwards and forwards until your fabric is the size you want it to be.  Try to finish on the same side as the other taped down warp tail.

You should have two corners with one red thread and one blue thread (sticky taped down). Tie the two threads together securely.

Turn your loom over and one by one cut the threads between the slots.  Tie the two ends together securely before you cut the next loop.

When you have tied off all of the end threads, you are all done!


  • Load up your cardboard shuttle with yarn and you will are less likely to need to join your weft thread.
  • If the point of your cardboard shuttle get a bit 'bendy' you can reinforce it by using sticky tape on (and around) the point.
  • Start with a small cardboard loom rather than a big one - the kids are less likely to lose interest with a smaller project.

Would you like to print out an Instruction Sheet for this activity?

Click on the download button to get your copy of the Weaving for Kids.  The pdf will open in a new tab and you can either save it or print it from there.

Please do feel free to share this sheet with anyone who might like to engage their kids in this activity!

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