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Sunday School Crafts Are Fun!

Below are some links to some great Sunday School Crafts. I will be adding more all the time, and if you have any ideas you would like to contribute please send them in to my contact page!

Arms of Love
Collage of the Creation
Go Fish Bible Game
Jesus is Risen Tomb Craft
Pocket Prayers


1. Become familiar with the message of the Bible.

2. To memorize the books of the Bible and specific scriptures.

3. To learn how to apply scripture to everyday solutions.

5. To love and worship God.

6. To fellowship with others.

7. To understand the Gospel and share it with others.

8. To know the BCA's - (Believe - Confess - Ask)

Tips to Make the Most of the Learning Opportunities for Your Sunday School...


One of the best secrets of Children's Church or Sunday school is to start late. This accomplishes two important tasks. First it gives the kids a chance to talk with each other (one of the purposes for going to church is fellowship. Hebrews 10:25) and second, it gives you a chance to spend some personal time to get to know your kids.


The rules we use in Children’s Church are: 

1. Don’t talk while the teacher is talking.
2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
3. Participate.
4. Stay in your seat.


Know your kids’ names. 3 John 14 says, "Greet thy friends by name." One way of doing this if you have a large group of kids is to take their pictures, and during the week memorize who they are. When you remember someone's name you are saying that you remember them, and that they are important to you.


Tell your kids you love them. If they learn nothing else from your Children's Church or Sunday School, the most important thing they can learn is that you love them and God loves them.

You represent God, which means if you love them, God must love them, too.


Take two seconds and say something to all of your kids individually, even if it is just, "Hello". Have everything ready before the kids get there so they have your full attention, and after the service when the adults are talking to each other, talk to your kids. You will find that the next week, they will be a little more attentive to you, because they will know you really care about them.


There is just something truly special about Children worshipping God. Whilst some people tend to suggest that children don't really understand what they are doing and are just copying what they have seen, I remember that when the Saducees complained about the children worshipping him, Jesus said, "out of the mouths of babes comes perfected praise"!

It may be so that if you are too shy to shout Jesus's name in church, you will likely be too shy to whisper it outside of church. But if children are used to proclaiming the gospel and Jesus's name in church then it will be easier for them to do so outside church.


Let your kids be kids. One thing I have heard a lot of in children's ministry is that we are preparing the kids for adult service. I am preparing the kids for God. I personally think God likes kids to be kids (his son was once a kid).

Maybe you can incorporate some Sunday school crafts in your class. Kids love to work with their hands!


Don't be afraid of repetition. At times the kids may not always like it, but there are many things the kids don't like that are good for them.

The younger age kids love repetition. They love to know that they know something. The older kids also like to know that they know things, they are just bored more quickly with them. Be creative.

Reviewing is also a great way of repetition. We play a game and go over the things we have learned again. You can also make some sunday school crafts to help your kids remember what they have learned.


Sermonize everything is one of the biggest mistakes in children's ministry. We sermonize skits, stories and puppet shows - then wonder why - at the end of the day - our kids are sermonized out! It's best to move straight from one skit to the next without sermonizing, bringing everything together for one sermon at the end.


Some people see playing games as nothing more than way of passing the time. But games can be so much more than that - they actually provide a chance to REVIEW everything you have taught in a fun and interesting way. Sunday school crafts may be an alternative to playing games if you prefer.

If you think that children are not paying attention when it's not their turn to play, use this rule: If a child gets the answer wrong, you won't give the answer or repeat the question again. Only the child who was paying attention and heard the question correctly at first will have a chance to play the next turn. Add excitement to games using lights, bells and costumes, but keep in mind that it is serious ... the children just don't have to know that!


Sometimes, you might encounter children's ministries that ONLY play games, which provides lots of fun but not much learning. Whilst play is important, there are times to play - and times not to. Set aside periods of play during each service - having games throughout the service is a little too much. Provide a time for fellowship, but provide children with the word of God too.


One good way to control a crowd is to offer a 'quiet seat' prize. Simply ask each child write down his or her name on a piece of paper. When the service is finished, choose names out of a hat for children to come and play a game. If the child was good during the service, allow them to play. If not, choose another name.


One thing all kids love is mail. Most kids don't get much mail, so when they do it makes them feel special. One of the best tools to show the kids how much you care about them is to send something in the mail.

Sunday School Success

Having an effective and successful class time is not just about making Sunday school crafts and playing games during the Sunday school hour. The key to helping these kids is to show them how much you care about them. When you get to know them, they will feel as though you really care, and they will want to come back.

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