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Scrapbooking Tips

Welcome to my page of scrapbooking tips.  If you have any really great tips about scrapbooking or scrapbooking with kids in particular please go here to tell us your tip.  As soon as I have formatted your submission, it will be published and a link to your page will appear at the bottom of this page.

The Scrapbooking Tips So Far...

Help Your Child Plan A Theme

Help your child come up with a topic or theme for a scrapbook. He may only want to create a basic scrapbook, involving special moments and events with friends and family. You may well find that if he really enjoys scrapbooking, you can talk about different albums for different themes at a later date.

Materials of Their Own

Equip your child with basic materials. Ownership of materials can help in encouraging interest in scrapbooking. And start small - filling a 6-page album will give a sense of accomplishment and give your child the incentive to start a bigger album.

Giving Space

Allow your child some creative space, without watching over every move! Of course, it's good to be on hand to answer questions, but don't overload your child with your own suggestions. Your child has his/her creativity, just as you have yours.

Making Unique Backgrounds

If you are looking for a way to personalize your kids scrapbooking pages, have them draw the page background. The kids love it! This is a great idea for personalizing portraits and snapshots.

Making One of a Kind Decorations

Kids scrapbooking projects offer a unique opportunity to include your child in the memory making process. Your child's drawing is more valuable, beautiful and personalized than standard die cuts, stickers or other items you can buy.

Let your children's imagination run wild, and allow them to use your cardstock and pens on a regular basis. You may reap some wonderful, yet inexpensive page enhancements. You can just cut around the image and adhere it to their pages.

Scrapbooking Adhesive

White glue (Elmer's) is not recommended for a scrapbooking adhesive for a couple of reasons.

First, it tends to make the paper buckle or crease.

Next, it tends to get brittle with age.

Finally, it is messy and hard to work with.

There are so many kinds of scrapbooking adhesives available at your local scrapbook supply store that you don't have to spend a lot to get a great adhesive for your scrapbooking needs.

Involving the Whole Family

Scrapbooking is an activity the whole family should get inovolved in! Even if the rest of your family does not share the enthusiasm for this craft, it is still a good idea to ask the subjects of the photos their opinions.

If the photos revolve around an activity favored by another family member, then ask them to do the journaling. It will make the sharing of the kids scrapbooking albums all the more special if all the family has put their spin on it!

Organize Your Scrapbooking Tips and Ideas

Scrapbooking is fun and relaxing for most scrapbookers, young and old.

  1. Keep a journal of all the creative and artistic ideas that come to you.
  2. Write down all supplies you have on hand and make a list of all the supplies you will need.
  3. Organize your pictures by year or by theme.
  4. Organize your supplies before you scrapbook with friends so you make sure you take everything you will need.

Scrapbook organization is essential to a productive scrapbooking session. Make a list of the things you will need to complete the pages you want to work on. If you are well organized in your scrapbooking adventures, you will be able to relax and let your imagination go!

Photograph Suggestions for Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbook photos are used to tell a story. Your scrapbook page layouts tell your story. Photographs are a very important part of the storytelling process. Selecting the right photos for your pages is extremely important to your story.

“Candid” photo shots are much more inviting than posed photos. The pictures where the person is not expecting to be photographed tend to tell a more interesting story.

So use these unplanned photos along with the posed pictures to create a fabulous tale of your life. Don't forget to create a valid focal point so you portray the right story ideas.

Journaling On Your Photos

The whole idea of scrapbook journaling is to preserve treasured memories. But what happens if one of your photographs drops out of your album?

A good way to identify photos is to journal right on the back of them - but don't write on the back of your photos with a ball point pen. This is because it may seep through to the photograph itself - and may also emboss it. The best option is to use a very soft acid free pencil or an acid free marker.

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