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Preschool Scrapbook

Preschool Scrapbooks - when children see their parents or older siblings working on scrapbooks, naturally they may wish to help.  This preschool scrapbook will allow your 2 - 4 year old get involved in scrapbooking.

A parent can make a scrapbook that their children can decorate without wasting expensive supplies used in heirloom scrapbooks.

What you will need for your Preschool Scrapbook...

  • 3 -4 paper bags, or a roll of brown paper purchased at any office supply store
  • tapestry needle
  • Twine or yarn
  • Box cutter
  • Glue
  • Hardback book that can be "destroyed" 


First using the box cutters (Of course, an adult will need to use the box cutters), cut the pages out of the book by making slices down the edge on one the inside of the front and back spine. All pages will pop right out if pulled gently with one pull.

Next cut "pages" out of your brown paper. Make the pages twice as large as the cover so they can be "folded and sewn" together.

Thread your needle with your twine, then sew 4 folded pages together by sewing 1/2 inch stitches up along the folds, backstitching will make a more durable scrapbook.

Next, using your box cutter, carefully cut a few slits in the spine of the hard cover. The slits should be 1 inch from top of spine, 1 inch from bottom of spine, and one cut in the middle of the spine. The slits should be no wider than 1/8 inch cut sideways with sides of the slits being no closer than 1/8 inch from sides of front and back covers.

Now you can "sew" your pages in place by running your twine through yur pages, then through the spine.

Weave thread through one set of pages at bottom, weave twine through bottom slit, then bring up to middle slit, back inside cover to middle of pages, up to top of pages, back through top slit, add more pages then weave back down so that your twine pierces each set of pages 3 times, top, middle, bottom, and is run through each slit to secure pages to spine.

If you wish you can glue your pages once sewn in to secure them more.

Once your pages have been added, let your child decorate the cover of his or her book using construction paper, paint, old photos etc.

They now have a beautiful scrapbook that they can decorate themselves.

Since the pages are not acid free, and this type of scrapbook is not made to last like heirloom scrapbooks are, then children can use regular elmer's school glue for glueing on their decorations.

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