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parties, parties and more parties!

by Lynne

I have always put my heart and soul into organising my two children’s birthday parties!!

Over the years with my nearly 9-year-old girl, we have had princess parties, to fashion show parties/pamper parties, the works, this time however we decided on a pool party at home. We have the hugest pool but the weather can be unpredictable plus a few other girls in her class have already done that this year, so we have decided to with a baking party.

We have cut the numbers to 8 this year, and it is planned for next Friday, I love baking and do it quite a lot, my children love baking too, - I have made recipe books for the girls to take home, and have bought little baking sets with rolling pins etc for the party bags.

I have typed out the instructions for the items we are going to be baking and decorating ready to put on the walls, have a baker’s hat for the birthday girl and aprons for all the girls - I can’t wait for it now, I am looking forward to showing them how easy it is, how much they can make their buns look amazing by decorating them! We are also making biscuits.

they are then going to make their own ice cream sundaes (for desert) I’ve bought lots of flavours and toppings ready for it!!, and i am going to have a table set for making their own edible jewellery!

luckily my little boy is only 5 we have only had bouncy castle parties so far with pass the parcel, piñata’s etc not sure what the future will hold for his parties - as I think my niche are girls’ parties!! - I’m sure I’ll think of something!

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