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Paper Mosaics for Kids!

by Trisha

Create a Colorful Paper Mosaic Tile!

Create a Colorful Paper Mosaic Tile!

I love making paper mosaics and so do my kids.

If you're a bit afraid of kids cutting themselves on glass mosaics but you want them to have the fun of creating colorful mosaics, then this is the solution.

The picture is a very simple example, just a square, but you might want to draw off a fish or a turtle and let your kids just go to town on cutting out colored pieces of paper, and let them choose the colors! That will teach them organization and color scheme layouts.

Use any kind of paper or foil (colored foils are our favorite)or wrapping papers can be perfect!

Anyway, this is my contribution to your great site.

By the way, I have bookmarked your site and emailed my many craft friends pointing them to your site. They are all stay at home moms looking for new craft ideas...and your site is rich with crafts I haven't found before.

Keep up the good work!


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