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Paint splatter Name Stencil Prints

Want to get messy?  To make paint splatter name stencils could be the craft activity you and your kids are looking for.

All you need to do is to make a stencil of the kid's names and use them to make a splatter paint print to decorate their room.  It is a lot of fun, but probably a good idea to do this activity outside or using a really big drop cloth.  And make them wear old clothes, just in case the urge to splatter each other becomes too great to resist!

When our girls made their paint splatter name stencil prints, we took them outside and they did the messy bits out on the concrete area by my front door.  The both had on one of Grandmas old jumpers/t-shirts so that they didn't get paint on their clothes.

When they had finished they had paint all over their hands and somehow I managed to get some on my face, but they really had fun and the mess was really easy to clean up.

What you will need to make your Paint Splatter Name Stencils...

  • 2 pieces of paper for each print
  • a pen or pencil to mark out the letters of their name
  • a pair of safety scissors
  • an old toothbrush or paint brush
  • acrylic or poster paints
  • a texta or permanent maker


Draw out the letters of the kids name on one of the pieces of paper in block letters running together.  Cut them out carefully using the safety scissors.

Sit the stencil on the other sheet of paper.  Dip the brush into the paint and use your fingers to flick the bristles so that the paint splatters onto the paper.

Peel off the stencil cut out and put the picture aside somewhere laying flat to dry.

(lay the stencil out flat to dry as well...)

Use the texta (permanent maker) to outline each of the letters in the name and you are done.

Optional Step:

I have a laminating machine and laminating sheets in my stationary cupboard so as an extra step, the girls and I laminated their pictures so that they would last longer.  When they get home, they will be asking their mother (very nicely) if they might be allowed to use blue-tack to put the pictures up on their bed room walls.

If you don't like the blue-tack idea at your house, you could use a hole punch to make a couple of holes at the top of your child's artwork and get them to plait some yarn which can be threaded through to turn their name stencil into a hanging picture.

Would you like to print out an Instruction Sheet for this craft activity?

Click on the download button to get your copy of the Paint Splatter Name Stencil Prints.  The pdf will open in a new tab and you can either save it or print it from there.

Please do feel free to share this sheet with anyone who might like to engage their kids in this activity!

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