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Miniature Water Garden

To make this Miniature Water Garden you only need a few materials - but the result looks wonderful and would make a fantastic gift for friends and family!

What makes this project great for kids is the fact that they receive all the benefits of a potted plant, without having to worry about watering it!

What you need to make a Miniature Water Garden...

  • 1 glass vase of any size or shape
  • 1 plant
  • decorative rocks
  • water
  • extra decorative elements (nice - but not essential!)


Wash the vase thoroughly to ensure it's dust-free!

Remove your plant from its pot and shake off any loose potting soil, soaking it off or spraying with water if necessary.

Place some pieces of decorative rock in the bottom of your vase. Once the plant and its roots are completely free of soil, place it into the vase. If you don't want the roots to show, bury them in the rocks.

If you want to add any decorative extras to the vase, now is the time to do so!

Pour water into the vase, so that the roots and part of the stem of the plant are completely submerged.

Place the vase in a prominent position in your home, so that everyone can enjoy your creation!

How to Care For Your Miniature Water Garden:

Although your miniature water garden won't need as much attention as a potted plant, it will need just a little looking after!

Here's how to keep it looking its best...

Check the water level in the vase on a weekly basis. Ensure that the plant roots and part of the stem are always submerged in water.

Change the water on a monthly basis (to prevent it looking murky) - you should also clean the decorative rocks and the interior of the vase a couple of times a year.

Always pick out any leaves that have fallen off the plant into the water and trim leaves that are dying or yellowing, to prevent them affecting the healthy leaves on the plant.

If you choose to give your miniature water garden away as a gift...

...why not make it look extra special by adding some seashells to the vase and tying a lovely bow around it!

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