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Making Pom Poms Without a Loom

Making pom poms without a loom is probably the quickest and easiest way to make a pom pom and just about anyone can do it.

This is the method I use unless I want a really big pom pom as you can only make these ones so big  (unless you can grow an extra finger or two...)  It takes a lot less time than using a cardboard doughnut and marginally less than a purchased loom or a cardboard rectangle loom and you don't need anything other than the yarn and your scissors.

What you need for making pom poms without a loom

  • a ball of yarn (or more than one if you want more than one colour)
  • safety scissors

... and that is all you need.


Decide what size you want your pom pom to be - small, med or large.

Start winding your yarn around your fingers.

Small - wrap 60 times, Medium - wrap 90 times Large - wrap 120 times). 

Carefully slip the wound yarn off your fingers and tie the tail of the yarn tightly around the centre leaving a long tail.

Trim the loops of yarn at either end of your bundle.

Holding the long tail flick the pom-pom a bit to 'fluff' it up a bit.  Trim any loops that you missed.

Trim all of the ends until the pom pom is the shape and size you desire.


I also keep the trimmings from my pom poms rather than throwing them out.  The really sort pieces of yarn are handy for craft work with the kids, you can use it in a similar way to glitter.  Smear glue or paste onto your artwork and sprinkle your yarn ends onto the glue to create a textured surface. 

Adult fingers:

  • small: 2 fingers - your pompom will be approx. 3cm before trimming
  • medium: 3 fingers - your pompom will be approx. 5cm in diameter before trimming
  • large: 4 fingers - your pompom will be approx. 6cm in diameter before trimming

The more you trim the thicker and smaller your pom-pom will appear.  So if you want a shaggy look, trim less than you would for a firm pom-pom.

Would you like to print out an Instruction Sheet for this activity?

Click on the download button to get your copy of the Making Pom Poms without a Loom Instruction Sheet.  The pdf will open in a new tab and you can either save it or print it from there.

Please do feel free to share this sheet with anyone who might like to engage their kids in this activity!

May be you would prefer a video?

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