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Magazine House

Magazine house craft

Making a magazine house is easy - and your kids can create a cozy cottage or magnificent mansion... because they are only limited by their imaginations!

What you will need to build a Magazine House...

  • a magazine or - better still - a catalog
  • large sheet of drawing paper


Look through a catalog or magazine for pictures of items to furnish your house... for example, tables, chairs, curtains, TV, couches, bath tubs etc.

Spread out the drawing paper and draw an 'open-sided' house - or even a fairytale castle!

Place the furniture pictures in the rooms to create a comfortable home or a palace fit for a princess! Or why not recreate a favorite story - for example, cut out beds, chairs, a little girl - and, if you can find some, three bears!

You can then make your own 'Goldilocks' scene!

This craft is a great way to make use of unwanted magazines and is a wonderful to inspire your children's imaginations!

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