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Knitting for Kids

I am a knitter, so there is always a lot of wool and knitting projects lying around the house.  And the girls ask about learning knitting for kids every time they visit.  

The only problem is that knitting is usually not quick.  It is rare to be able to finish a knitting project in one sitting, and they tend to have a bit of trouble maintaining interest long enough to actually finish anything.  So we needed to find a few quick and easy projects to give them a taste of knitting and yarn craft without them becoming frustrated.

Knitting is not especially hard, basically it involves using tools to form knots in a length of yarn to create a two-dimensional fabric.  It sounds simple and it is when you have been knitting for a while but while you are learning it does take practice to perfect your technique, so many new knitters are not happy with their first few projects.  

No-one gets it perfectly right the first time and anyway, in my opinion, hand made crafts are always perfect in their imperfections.  

As it is the imperfections and the experience of making what ever it is that makes each project unique.  

Making Knitting for Kids Easy

Very young kids may struggle with managing knitting needles, mastering basic knitting involves a fair bit of manual dexterity and some kids (adults too...) will get frustrated as their fingers will not do what they want them to do, so how about trying something a little easier?

French Knitting

French knitting is also sometimes called spool knitting.   When I was a kid, the spool was a wooden cotton reel that Dad had fixed for me with 4 nails spaced around the top.  With it I could knit a long length of knitting a bit like a cord that could then be used to make all sorts of cool things.

You won't find wooden cotton reels any more, but any good craft store is likely to have a french knitting tool at a very reasonable price.  The ones I got for my grand-daughters also had a pom pom maker in the packs.  

This kind of knitting for kids is relatively quick and easy and they can see the results of their work before the boredom/distraction sets in.

Click here for more information on French Knitting for Kids...

Finger Knitting

Finger knitting is a form of knitting that requires nothing other than some yarn and your fingers.

Basically you use one of your fingers as a needle and form a cord with a single stitch by wrapping the yarn around your finger and then lifting the existing stitch up and over the wrapped yarn and off your finger to form a new stitch.

Loom Knitting

This is a lot like french knitting but on a much larger scale.  A knitting loom might be round (like a larger version of a french knitting tool) or rectangular.  

Knitting with Needles

If you have a child that wants to take their knitting further, you can teach them how to knit with straight needles.  My daughter learnt how to knit garter stitch when she was five.  I taught the kids in her reception class how to knit and they make blanket squares for a blanket that they then donated to a local age care facility. 

I think my daughter was (and still is) exceptional and if she was the only one in the class to learn I might think that it was just her being 'gifted', but every kid in that class that tried, learned how to knit.  

So all it takes is a little patience, a lot of practice and a desire to learn.

Other Yarn Crafts

Knitting is not the only thing you can do with yarn or wool.  You can weave yarn instead of knitting to create fabric, or you can plait or twist it to make braids or bracelets.  Yarn can be used to decorate collages or art work, and paper mache creations.

Simple Weaving

You can do simple weaving for kids with just a pair of scissors, some cardboard and a ball of wool.  The kids can make mini woven blankets for their dolls or wall hangings for their bedroom.  Or maybe a place-mat for Grandma as a Christmas present.  

Click here for more information on Simple Weaving for Kids

Plaited Friendship Bracelets

Making Pom Poms

Making poms poms is fun and easy enough that most kids (2-3 or older) can at least help if not do most of the 'making' themselves.  You can use tools, templates or just your hands to make pom poms, the process involves winding, tying off, cutting and then trimming to get your pom pom into a perfect shape.  

And kids love making them!

Click here for more information on making pom poms...

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