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Kid Games

You may have forgotten some of these old-fashioned kid games. These games are still fun for today's kids. My children love games, and so do I! These games are great for parties or anytime!

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Kid Game #1

Captain, May I?

Kid Games

Also known as Mother, May I?
(Three or more players)

One player is chosen as Captain. The Captain draws a line and faces the other players, who line up on the far side of the yard. The Captain starts the game by calling out a player's name. The Captain tells the player the move they need to make and how many to take. He or she may say, "Emily, you may take two giant steps."

Before the player can move, he or she must say, "Captain, may I?" The Captain then replies, "Yes, you may," or "No, you may not." If the player moves without asking permission, he or she must go back and start over again from the start line. The first player to cross the finish line wins and becomes the next Captain.

Captain, May I? Moves to call.

baby step: Move forward the length of one foot.
backward step:: Turn around and take a step backward
banana slip: Slide one foot forward as far as possible, then draw the other foot up to it.
barrell step: Leap up and spin around, moving forward at the same time.
bunny rabbit: Hop with both feet together.
frog jump:Jump from a crouching position.
giant step: Take as large a step as you can.
scissor step: Jump forward and land with feet apart; take a second jump and land with feet together.
soldier step: Step forward without bending your knees.>br> umbrella step: Twirl around on one foot with arms stretched out. As you complete the turn step forward with your other foot.

Kid Game #2

Duck, Duck, Goose

(Ten or more players)

In this chasing game, the player who is "It" is the Goose. The other players are the ducks. They squat in a circle.

To start the game, the goose walks around the outside of the circle touching each player on the head. Each time the Goose touches a player, the Goose says, "Duck." But if the Goose touches a player's head and says, "Goose," the fun begins.

That player jumps up and chases the Goose around the circle. If the Goose reaches the player's place before being tagged, the player becomes the next Goose. But, if the Goose is tagged, the Goose is "It" again.

Kid Game #3

Musical Chairs

(Six or more players)

This is a good party game. Every child loves this classic game!

All you need to play this game are some chairs and nice music. One person is put in charge of the music. This person starts and stops the music as the others play the game.

Set the chairs in a row. Arrange them so that they are in opposite directions. You will need chairs for all but one of the players.

When the music starts, the players march around and around the chairs. Suddenly, the music stops. Then the players scramble to sit down in the chairs. One player will be left standing. This player is out of the game and takes away one chair. The music starts all over again and the game continues. After each scramble for chairs, the player left standing removes a chair, and so on. Finally, only one chair and two players are left. The player who gets the chair wins!

Kid Game #4

Treasure Hunt

(Two or more players)

Children like to "hunt" for things. What greater game is there than a treasure hunt?

(Ages 3-8)

Hide candy all around the room, or you can hide the candy outside. Tell the guests to find as many pieces of candy as they can. You can also hide small toys or anything that would match the theme of the occasion. You can hide candy canes at Christmas. You can also hide beads and then let everyone string their beads. The person who finds the most wins!

Kid Game #5

Pass the Orange

Ages 9-12)

Everyone stands in a circle. Choose who goes first. First one holds an orange under their chin and tries to pass it to the person on their right. Play continues to the right. The person on the right tries to take the orange under his chin. No one may use their hands during this game. Any player who drops the orange is out.

Kid Game #6

Spoon Race

(All ages)

Give each guest a spoon and a cup with fifty or so beans in it. Each player puts their cup behind the starting line. Players must use the spoon to move all the beans to an empty cup behind the finish line. Each player can carry as many beans and make as many trips as he/she wants. The first one to move all his/her beans to the finish line wins the game. It's a good idea to print each player's name on his or her cup.

Kid Game #7

Simon Says

(Three or more players)

In this game, the player who is Simon is the leader. The other players do what Simon says-and does. But be careful Simon doesn't trick you! You must only do what Simon says and does when the words "Simon says" are used. When Simon says, "Simon says, hands on hips," and puts his hands on his hips, the players must do this, too. But if Simon just says, "Hands on hips" -without first saying "Simon says," don't do it! If you do, you're out!

Simon can trick you in another way. Simon can give an order to do one thing but do another. For example, suppose Simon says, "Simon says, hands on hips," but claps his hands instead. If you clap your hands, you've been tricked and you're out! The last player becomes Simon in the next game. 

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