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How to Make Slime with the Kids...

For a fun activity how about learning how to make slime with your kids?  It is quite easy to make, a bit icky for adults but the kids absolutely love it.

The girls and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours on a recent visit making several different batches of slime.  And while I wasn't all that keen on touching the icky stuff the girls had a ball and very really quite excited to take their creations home with them when we had finished.

While doing this activity they got to play with and learn out mixing colours and how to go about altering the texture of the basic slime.  

They had to put in a bit of work mixing their ingredients to get the correct consistency and practice a bit of patience as they had to add some of the ingredients a bit at a time (their natural impulse was to dump it all in at once - don't do it - it makes everything that much harder to mix...)

What you need to make your Slime

There are three basic ingredients in this slime recipe, glue, water and borax.  Borax is an irritant so you will need to careful monitor the kids and supervise them when they are adding this particular ingredient.  With my girls I did the mixing (the borax is added to warm water) and watched them both as they added it to their glue mixtures to ensure that there were not splashes or spills.

Basic Slime

  • Elmers Glue (or any clear glue/paste)
  • food colouring
  • borax
  • warm water
  • mixing bowl
  • measuring jug
  • measuring spoon
  • mixing spoon or stirrer
  • disposable gloves for anyone with sensitive skin

Optional Extras:

  • shaving cream (for fluffy slime)
  • glitter (for glitter slime)
  • moisturiser (for super stretchy slime)

Directions: How to Make Slime

Make your borax solution by adding 1 tablespoon of borax to 250 ml of warm water.  Stir until the borax powder has fully dissolved and set aside somewhere safe until you need it.

In you mixing bowl (we used old ice cream containers) measure out 100 ml of your glue.

Add 2 - 3 drops of food colouring to get the desired colour - mixing the colouring to get the colour you want can be fun and your kids will learn which primary colours you need to add to make secondary and tertiary colours.

When you are happy with the colour of your glue you add 2 - 3 teaspoons of the borax solution one at a time, mixing it in well between teaspoons.  The more you put in the thicker/stiffer your slime will be. 

Now that you know how to make slime, you can start experimenting with colour and texture.  The ones we tried included adding glitter, shaving cream and moisturiser to make glitter slime, fluffy slime and stretchy slime.   

Glitter Slime:

To make glitter slime, you just add glitter after you colour the glue (and before you add the borax solution).  One of my girls was a little heavy handed and mixed in about five different coloured glitters but I have to admit, her slime did look good!  

Her sisters batch only had a couple of colours and a lot less in terms of the amount of glitter in the batch, but both of them were happy with the end result. 

Fluffy Slime:

To make fluffy slime all you need to do is to add around a ping pong ball sized blob of shaving cream.  The girls and I added it before we added the borax solution.  It is a little harder to get the cream to mix into the slime after you have thickened it with the borax solution.

After adding the shaving cream, your slime will be less transparent (more opaque) and the colour will be more subtle (less bright). 

Super Stretchy Slime:

Want to know how to make slime stretchy? Simple, add some moisturiser!  

We added a tablespoon of moisturiser to the coloured glue just before we started adding the borax and to Amelia's delight, the resulting slime stretched from one side of the room to the other without breaking.  She asked me to hold one end of her blob of stretch slime as she backed across the room holding the other edge of the blob to test how stretchy it was.  

She managed to go about six metres and although it was only slightly thicker than a piece of knitting yarn at the mid point, it didn't break until it touched the floor and snagged on a chair leg!

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