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Homemade Gifts from the Heart

Everyone knows that homemade gifts are the most charming and special kind! When you make a gift for someone, you are showing them the creative side of you. Your family members will love receiving these special gifts from your heart, which are doubly endearing if they include a selection of kids gift ideas!

Homemade Gifts

Homemade Gift Bags and Gift Wrap

Gift Bags

Homemade gift bags add a special touch to any gift you give. That's why they are perfect for packaging your homemade gifts!

Items needed:

scrap fabric
scrap ribbon
scrap trim
lunch bags
twine or ribbon
Trim the top four inches off of the bag and fold down inward about an inch. Have kids glue fold in place. Let kids decorate the bag according to their taste and the occasion.

Gift bags can be decorated to have a collage look using magazine pictures. Or, kids may decorate however they choose. Beads, trim, and ribbons make great embellishments. Make handles for the gift bag using twine or ribbon of the preferred length.

Creative Gift Wrap

Sponges, Cotton Balls, Toothbrush

Paint fancy designs on newsprint using sponges, cotton balls, old toothbrushes, an old pot scrubber, or a straw (to blow paint).

When dry, use as gift wrap.

Homemade Gift Crafts

Plaster Hand Print


1 large yogurt pot

1 Cup Water
2 1/4 Cups Plaster of Paris
Pie Plate

Mix 1 C. water and 2 1/4 C. plaster of Paris together in the yogurt pot, until it reaches the texture of a milkshake. Pour onto a pie plate.

As soon as the plaster is stiff enough to hold a shape, simply press your hand into it, then very carefully lift it out. Allow the plaster to dry, then write your name and date on the back.

Personalized T-Shirt


Crayon scraps
Empty soup or tuna can
Fabric scraps

With the help of an adult, melt the scraps of crayon in an empty can over rapidly boiling water. Use the melted crayon to paint messages or pictures on an old T-shirt or apron, being sure to work quickly as the crayon will soon harden. To help the colors last, cover your designs with scraps or fabric and press with a hot iron.

Pet Rock Paperweight


2 rocks with a good shape
colored markers
Pieces of felt, fabric, or pipe cleaners

Stick two rocks together to make form a creature (duck, ladybug - whatever you choose). Use markers, bits of felt or fabric etc to add features to your paperweight.

Donut Bird Feeder


2 plastic lids

Make a hole in each lid. Place a bagel in between the lids and pass string through the holes. secure with a large knot at the bottom and suspend from a tree.

Another neat homemade bird feeding trick is to string popcorn onto a piece of thread and hang from a tree.

Homemade Gift Ideas For Your Child

"Outing of Your Choice Gift Certificate".

Allow your child to choose an outing of their choice. Present it to your child with an "Outing of Your Choice Gift Certificate".

Coupon Books

Coupon books make a great gift idea. Your child may use a coupon to choose what's for breakfast or dinner, get out of a washing the dishes, or stay up past their bedtime. Making coupon books with your computer and printer makes them look more fun and "real".

Personal Bookmark

Make a personal bookmark for your child and put it in their favorite book.

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