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Felt Craft Santa Stockings

This craft idea is a way for the kids to use felt craft to make their own decorative Santa stockings in three different sizes.

What you will need for your Felt Craft Santa Stockings

  • red, green or white felt for the body of the stocking
  • small pieces of felt in other colours or pre-cut or small felt shapes to decorate the stocking
  • fancy braid, rick rack, ribbon (anything you have lying around really)
  • small quantities of yarn 
  • fur fabric, white roving or white teddy yarn (optional)
  • fabric glue
  • plastic yarn needle
  • fabric paints or markers
  • single hole punch
  • Santa stocking template


The larger size is good for hanging on a mantle as a decoration and the two smaller sizes are great as Christmas tree decorations. Before you can get the kids started, print out a copy of the template and cut out the stocking in the size that you want to make.

Pin the template to a double thickness of felt and cut out two stocking shapes.  (Younger children will need help with this step).

Run a thin line of fabric glue around the edges of one of your stocking shapes leaving the top of your stocking glue free. Then press the second stocking shape onto the first one and press down around the edge. Put it aside so that the glue can cure.

Use the single hole punch to make a single hole at the top of the stocking so that you can thread through a piece of braid or cord to hand your stocking.  

Let the kids go nuts decorating their stockings with whatever embellishments you could find in your craft cupboard. Don't forget to check your old Christmas decorations - maybe instead of throwing them out some bits and pieces  can be re-purposed!

With older kids, you can show them how to do a blanket stitch around the glued edges to add another decorative touch.  Younger kids can also sew around their stockings but you may need to use the hole punch to create holes all the way around the stocking to make it easier for them.  

I have used cut outs (from the craft section in Spotlight) to decorate mine, but the kids could paint their names on the stockings using fabric paint, or draw on them with glitter glue to add sparkle.  If you have any old Christmas cards from last year they can cut out Christmas shapes from the cards and glue them onto their stockings.

Or you could glue a fur trim around the top of the stocking - mine is a short length of bobble trim - or you can help the kids to make a stocking top using fancy yarn. Plaited finger knitting, loom knitting or straight knitting might work depending on the ages of the kids involved. Gluing tinsel around the top of the stocking works as well.

Just be careful doing the gluing, particularly if you are using a glue gun, even the low melt glue can be hot!

Would you like to print out an Instruction Sheet for this activity?

Click on the download button to get your copy of the Felt Craft Santa Stocking Instruction Sheet.  The pdf will open in a new tab and you can either save it or print it from there.

Please do feel free to share this sheet with anyone who might like to engage their kids in this activity!

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