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Crafts for Kids

These crafts for kids are easy to make, fun to do... and what's more, most of them use materials that you have readily available at home!

As the mother of three (formerly very) lively children and the proud Grandma to three gorgeous grand-daughters, I know that keeping kids entertained can be a tough challenge sometimes!  So if you're tired of listening to cries of "I'm bored!" or "There's nothing to do", then give simple craft ideas a try with your family and discover how crafting...

Crafts for kids
  • Boosts your child's creativity.
  • Gives your child something constructive to do.
  • Creates original toys and decorations.
  • Can give your child something to be proud of.
  • Will help your child learn to follow directions.
  • Will create happy memories that your child will carry forever.

So let's get crafty...

Simple Crafts for Kids

Click on any of the links below to check out our pages on kids craft activities.  

Check out these Craft Ideas from Other Visitors to this site...

Door stopper 
Using a camera take a picture of your home, front and back if preferred. Print this on normal paper in color to a size suitable (shrink or enlarge) to …

You-and-Me Book 
MATERIALS Cereal box 8 1/2-by-11-in. white paper Hole punch Ribbon or string Cut a 9 1/2-by-6-inch rectangle from the cereal box and place it picture-side …

Paper Mosaics for Kids! 
I love making paper mosaics and so do my kids. If you're a bit afraid of kids cutting themselves on glass mosaics but you want them to have the fun …

Make a Doll with Onions Not rated yet
Take two fresh and clean Onions 1. take the small onion first and then place it over a big onion 2. fix them with the help of glue or a tooth stick …

Cardboard Bot Not rated yet
You need: Cardboard boxes different sizes Paint Buttons Milk bottle lids GLUE Paint the cardboard boxes and leave them to dry. Glue them together …

Teacher Appreciation Card  Not rated yet
Level of difficulty: Easy Ages it is suitable for: anyone over 7 years old Time Required: 7-15 minutes, depending on skills and previous crafting experience …

Word Chain Not rated yet
This game will help your child to understand their feelings. Have your child or class pick a word that seems to describe their mood or what they may be …

Do you have an idea for a craft activity that you would like to share?

Maybe you and your kids have come up with a craft activity that you really enjoyed, or the end result was so fabulous that you can't not share it.

Click through to my invitation page and tell us all about it.  Photos are good - it helps to see what your kids have been busy making - and a step by step list of instructions so that the other visitors to the site can have a go with their kids at home.

Click here to go to the invitation page...

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Want to Show Off Your Kids Creations?

If your children would like to share their fantastic creatures with the world, then we'd love to help them do so!

Just take a photo, then visit our main Crafts for Kids page and scroll down - you'll find a form to upload your photo and the name of their creation.

We look forward to receiving it!

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