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Through out this site you will see theses images on each of art and craft pages.  They are a guide only, and represent my assessment of which age groups will be able to complete most of the tasks for a particular activity.  As I said, it is based on my experience with my children and grandchildren and as we all know no two kids are exactly alike. 

Just because my kids were able to do something at a certain age does not mean than someone else's child can.  And obviously, there are probably kids out there that could do something early than my kids could.  So the age splatter on each page is there as a guide only.  I recommend that you read through the instructions for the activity you are interested in and pick one that is within your child's capabilities.

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Tissue Paper Flowers for the Kids to Make

If you are looking for an craft idea for a quiet day inside, you might like to help the kids to make some tissue paper flowers. The finished flowers can be made into garlands to decorate their rooms, or perhaps a mobile to hand above their beds.

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How to Make Slime with Your Kids

For a fun activity how about learning how to make slime with your kids? It is quite easy to make, a bit icky for adults but the kids absolutely love it.

Continue reading "How to Make Slime with Your Kids"

Christmas Wreath

Help the kids make their own christmas wreath with some coloured paper, red yarn and a plastic plate.

Continue reading "Christmas Wreath"

Lets Make a Stained Glass Butterfly

Looking for a craft activity for the kids to do on a rainy afternoon? Let's make a stained glass butterfly to decorate the windows in their rooms!

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Stained Glass Window Sticker

Looking for something different to do over the holidays? Help your kids make a beautiful stained glass window sticker.

Continue reading "Stained Glass Window Sticker"

Pom Pom Christmas Wreath

If your kids really like making pom poms, this pom pom Christmas wreath might be the perfect craft activity to do with them this holiday season.

Continue reading "Pom Pom Christmas Wreath"

Felting Christmas Tree Decorations

A great activity for older kids is felting Christmas tree decorations. All you need is some cooker cutters, clean wool, felting needles and a block of foam.

Continue reading "Felting Christmas Tree Decorations"

How to Make Felt Balls

Ever wondered how to make felt balls? There are several different ways you can do it with the kids, but you will need to supervise!

Continue reading "How to Make Felt Balls"

Pom Pom Christmas Tree

If you like making pom poms and you are looking for something Christmas related to do with the kids, you might like to try this Pom Pom Christmas Tree.

Continue reading "Pom Pom Christmas Tree"

French Knitting for Kids

French knitting is also sometimes called spool knitting. This kind of knitting for kids is relatively quick and easy and they can see the results of their work before the boredom/distraction sets in.

Continue reading "French Knitting for Kids"

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