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Craft Supplies

Craft supplies are very important if you are planning craft activities with the kids.  There is nothing worse than being half way through an activity and finding that you have run out of an important component or ingredient for your project.

Hands covered in glue or paint, everyone covered in dirt or your artwork will dry out before you get back from the shops!  So some forward planning and a stock take of the supplies you have on hand is vital to the success of your crafting with kids.   

We all know how short their attention spans can be...

What Craft Supplies Do You Have on Hand?

Most households will have basic craft supplies on hand, even if they are not used specifically for craft work.  These will include items like:

  • paper scissors
  • tape
  • printer paper
  • felt tip pens or permanent markers

In my stationary cupboard I also have coloured paper and some card, envelopes in varying sizes, paper ribbon, a few stamps and some paint brushes.  My grand-daughters also use the stapler, hole punch, crayons (both normal wax crayons and some window crayons I found a few years ago), and sidewalk chalk for their art work and hand crafts.

And don't forget the pantry. I often use things straight out of my pantry for the kids craft activities like baking soda, gelatin powder, baking powder, food colouring, dry pasta - the list is endless.

I am a knitter, I spin my own wool and I do quilting, so there is plenty of fabric scraps, yarn or fleece wool around for them to knit, sew, weave, or glue onto their pictures.  I also have a set of acrylic paints, some fabric paints, normal coloured pencils, and water-colour pencils.  The two older girls often forage in my front garden (all mulched with Australian native shrubs and trees) and collect leaves, nuts, feathers and pebbles for their various creations.

A trip to the park or the beach can also yield a surprising amount of bits and pieces to add to your supplies.  So, bear in mind not all of your art supplies need to be purchased and you can spend time with the kids hunting for great craft supplies.  

Where to Go to Buy Supplies

You can find supplies just about anywhere.  If you are watching your pennies, you can check out the two dollar shops, The Reject Shop or Cheap as Chips in South Australia are good options as well.

Any good department store (KMart or BigW for example) will have a limited range of craft supplies, scrapbooking supplies and a lot of stationary items.  Don't forget to check the baking section, you can pick up some really interesting items and re-purpose them.  For example, I have some really cute jelly moulds (teddy bears, dinsoaurs and toy train shapes) that I got quite cheaply from a discount store several years ago that are perfect molds for kids soaps!

Then there are the specialist stores that have craft type supplies.  Here in Adelaide there a few small art and crafts stores or you can go to larger chains like Spotlight or Lincrafts. 

Even hardware stores like Bunnings or Mitre 10 can surprise you!

If you still cannot find what you need, you can always look online.

I have bought craft items from suppliers in the UK, China and the USA without experiencing any issues, and when I find a good site I tend to buy from them over and over again.

Where I Buy My Craft Supplies...



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