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Craft Printables

Looking for one of my craft printables? Check the lists below to find the right one for the next time you and the kids want to get into some craft activities.

As I go through and update the pages on this site (and add new ones) I am creating craft printables for each activity.  These files will be pdfs, some will only be one page, others might run to 5 or 6 pages if they include templates.  The printables will have a list of the materials or supplies you need to for your kids to do the activity and step by step instructions.

There will be links on each of the individual pages, but just in case this is a return visit and you don't know quite where the page you want is, you can come here instead and scroll through all of the activities listed below to find the one (or ones) that you want.

If the printable you are after is not listed here, it must be one of the pages I have not managed to update yet.  Flick me an email via my contact page and let me know which activity you would like an instruction sheet for and I will see what I can do.

Downloading or Printing the Craft Printables...

Once you have found the right one you can open the pdf in your browser by clicking on the link.  If I set up the links properly, they should open in a new tab and you can either print the file or save to your hard drive from from that tab.

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Want to Show Off Your Kids Creations?

If your children would like to share their fantastic creatures with the world, then we'd love to help them do so!

Just take a photo, then visit our main Crafts for Kids page and scroll down - you'll find a form to upload your photo and the name of their creation.

We look forward to receiving it!

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