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About KidzCraftz.com

This website (or at most a lot of the pages) started out way back in March 2008 with a different owner and a different domain name.  Nicaele started this site under the domain name of Kids-Crafts-Creations and put a lot of time and effort into creating a site that young moms and caregivers of small children found enormously useful.  

Then in late 2008 the site was sold to Christine (not sure of her last name - Albury I think...), and it was sold again in 2010 to Simon, who kept it on a back burner for a number of years, before selling it to me in October of 2017. 

The poor little website has had four owners, it has been lost (actually offline for a long time due to issued with ICANN and email addresses that were not updated at the time of sale) and seriously neglected over the years.  When I took over the admin for the site, the look and feel was the original (blockbuilder 1) template; cute but very narrow, off to one side of the screen, non-responsive and just a wee bit dated.

Some of the content was a bit thin, there was a distinct lack of photos to illustrate the craft instructions/tutorials, and many of the links in to the site were questionable at best.  The site had also been penalised by all of Googles fun furry and feathered animals and as it had only been back up for a couple of months - there was no traffic to speak of.  

So I figure it was time for a new name and a new outfit!

So what do you think?

Enough about the aesthetics of the site.  I have big plans for restructuring the existing content - adding photos and beefing up the articles - and I intend to add many more craft topics and specific activities and projects in the future, (time as always, is a constraining factor here as I not only work full time, but I also have several other websites that require my attention... but I will do what I can).

If you want to follow my progress you can bookmark my blog page to see the details of any new pages that I add from here on.  And please do drop me a line if you can think of any kids crafts or activities that you feel is currently missing and should be included on the site.  

I have been involved in a lot of different crafts over the years and I am always up for learning something new, so throw as many suggestions at me as you can think of!

More About Me...

Why would anyone listen to me or follow my instructions?  I am so glad you asked...

My name is Deb, I am the proud mother of three very accomplished and capable adult children, and the absolutely besotted Grandma to three of the most gorgeous little girls on the planet.  

Yup, you read that correctly - my girls are the most gorgeous girls on the planet!

I don't get to spend as much time with them as I would like but when we do get together at "Grandmas House" crafty stuff happens.  

The girls do their artwork outside (sidewalk chalk drawings, and window crayon pictures on one of the windows out front), in the garden (the latest craze is painted rocks that are hunted and swapped by kids roaming around the neighbourhood), yarn crafts (plaiting bracelets, using looms and spools to knit, weaving on cardboard looms) folk art, decorating garments with fabric paint, embroidery and sewing projects, and making and decorating cup-cakes, just to name a few.

The girls also spend time doing arts and crafts at "Grandmas House" with their Auntie Sarah (my daughter who happens to be a primary school teacher), so between us, we have a lot of experience with kids crafts over a range of ages.

These kids are constantly on the go and their attentions spans are fairly short (far shorter than my kids had at the same age) so the activities we do need to be engaging and able to be broken down into steps and completed over a number of different sessions.  It also helps if they can all do their own (of whatever we are doing) and that all tasks can be done by all of the age groups involved.

Cause you can just about guarantee at least one of them will get restless and not want to finish their project (today or ever).  

The kids love being at my house, as they are allowed to get dirty and make a mess.  Crafting is very tactile, and it is virtually impossible to do craft activities without making a little mess, and it is a good opportunity for them to learn how to be responsible "mess-makers".  

One of Grandma's main rules:- he, she or they that make the mess, get to clean it up!

Other things I do that you might be interested in:

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